‘Sunday Sunday Medicine’ Helps Africa Fight COVID-19

‘Sunday Sunday Medicine’ Helps Africa Fight COVID-19

Sunday Sunday medicine’helps Africa fight COVID-19! The Coronavirus pandemic was supposed to infect millions of people in Africa. But this did not happen, why?

Stella Immanuel MD (The Coronavirus Doctor) says:

“Scientists can’t explain puzzling lack of covid outbreak in Africa. Duh, anti malaria CQ, nivaquine, flavoquine, mefloquine etc. We call it Sunday Sunday medicine. Looks like scientists are dumb dumb. Go Africa, keep living. We don’t need vaccines!”

This is how people are reacting to the words of Stella Immanuel MD:

Ugochukwu: Sunday Sunday Medicine’ This woman you grow up for Nigeria true true.

Maggie: You go Sister…keep the crooks out!!  well done.

Erin: Ok, serious question.  What’s the cancer rate in Africa?  Just curious….

Mark: The average health professional in Africa will tell his people at home if he/she is ask to do the usual. He/she will question his/her superior about knew none medical procedure. You wonder why the resting is low? This and others is why.

Grace: Madam Stella na naija woman…. We call it Sunday Sunday medicine…  Africa don’t need evil vaccines!

Pady: I am an extreme critic, so when I came to the conclusion that Stella Immanuel is one of the greatest doctors of all time, its a fact.!!

Quai: Lol sunday sunday medicine. You are not wrong Dr. Imagine if we had the kind of restrictions in these developed countries, a lot of Africans would have died. The only problem we are facing is the corruption the government has turned the virus into. Easy access to over the counter antimalarial meds is the game changer, over the years our immune system has been built through the intake of these prophylaxis and we didnt even know it.

Henry: In NY the Gov said today if you travel to a place considered a covid hot spot (made up list) then your healthcare Ins. will not cover you. What Next? will we have a mandatory vaccination to keep coverage???…..Watch for it!!!!

Jenni: I’ve been hearing questions about how HCQ could help flu… curious what the flu is like in parts of Africa that take HCQ regularly? I’m sure I could look it up but maybe you have first hand knowledge?

Linda: Duh is right, that was the first thing I thought of…they take antimalarials… Duh!

Ken: Where are the hundreds/thousands of people this treatment has helped? Why aren’t they coming forward to testify and set the record straight?

Breda: I’m not a doctor but even I had the ans. ‘Sunday Sunday Medicine’ helps Africa fight covid-19, does it? 

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