Super Star BI Becomes CEO Of IOK

Super Star BI Becomes CEO Of IOK

Super star BI becomes CEO of IOK.

On this day (September 28), netizens had a lot of “feverishness” before the news that former iKON – BI member officially became the CEO (CEO) of IOK Company.

According to the press release, IOK Company will hold the 21st Extraordinary General Meeting today (September 28).

During the meeting, 8 executives will be appointed and BI being the youngest.

It is known that Super Star BI, the former leader of iKON will take on this role for 3 years.

This information shocked the entertainment industry because the male idol was previously involved in a drug case, causing Yang Hyun Suk to leave the chair of YG Entertainment’s chairman.

Despite being judged innocent by the court, BI is still criticized by the Korean public.

In addition, Super Star BI currently owns 131 Label – an independent company he founded after leaving YG Entertainment because of a drug scandal.

This company is responsible for all BI activities as solo singers and musicians.

As soon as the information that BI became the CEO was posted, many fans sent their congratulations and hashtag Director Kim Hanbin (CEO Kim Hanbin) on social networking sites.

BI was born in 1996, whose real name is Kim Hanbin and used to be the leader of iKON under YG Entertainment.

In June 2019, Dispatch released evidence of claims that BI bought cannabis and LSD synthetic drugs from August 2016.

The seller of the banned substance for BI is Han Seo Hee – TOP’s infamous ex-girlfriend (BIGBANG).

Immediately after the scandal broke out, BI had to leave iKON as well as YG Entertainment.

Despite a negative result for drugs and proven innocent, the former leader of iKON still has to receive countless criticisms from netizens and has to “stay hidden”.

It was not until recently that BI started to return to the entertainment industry by posting some self-composed songs on social networks.

And the new position of the male idol made the public even more surprised, looking forward to the next step.

No matter what, Super star BI is now the CEO of IOK.

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