The Environment Due To Coronavirus Lockdown

The Environment Due To Coronavirus Lockdown

The environment due to Coronavirus lockdown!

To reduce the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic all across the globe, countries all over the world initiated lockdowns.

So what is the impact on the environment due to Coronavirus lockdown?

The result was that there has been a great benefit to the world. These New Coronavirus lockdowns have reduced pollution, in some of the busiest cities in the world.

In many cities all across the globe, the air had become cleaner! Nitrogen dioxide pollution was down by as much as 30%, in the northeastern US. The air pollution levels, from mid-March to mid-April, in Rome, were down by as much as 49%, as compared to what it was about a year ago.

Antonio Guterres, the UN secretary-general said:

“Biodiversity is in steep decline. Climate disruption is approaching a point of no return. We must act decisively to protect our planet from both the Coronavirus and existential threat of climate disruption.”

In some cities all over the globe, people have spotted animals appearing at odd times and in weird places. In Santiago, Chile, a puma was seen roaming the streets. In Wales, in a town, goats were spotted. Near San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, coyotes were seen.

According to the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, which analyzes air pollution data, on the first day of the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) fell by as much as 15% and the average PM 2.5 pollution level fell by as much as 22%

Stuart Pimm, a conservation scientist at Duke University, North Carolina, said:

“It is giving us this quite extraordinary insight into just how much of a mess we humans are making of our beautiful planet. This is giving us an opportunity to magically see how much better it can be.”

According to measurements, in the month of March 2020, compared to the past five years, air pollution was down by:

  • 9% in Durban, South Africa
  • 26% in Rio de Janeiro
  • 29% in Los Angeles
  • 35% in Bengaluru, India
  • 38% in Sydney
  • 46% in Paris

Barry Lefer, atmospheric scientist at NASA, stated that in America, since the year 2005, from Washington to Boston, when a satellite from NASA started to measure levels of nitrogen dioxide, it was found that the air was at its cleanest level

Barry Lefer said:

“We’re getting a glimpse of what might happen if we start switching to non-polluting cars.”

The environment due to Coronavirus lockdown? Never been better!

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