The Funny Side Of Technology 2020

The Funny Side Of Technology 2020

The funny side of technology 2020.

You would think that using the latest technology 2020, would involve the use of hi fi gadgets, flying cars and all kinds of the weirdest contraptions being made to go to Mars and build a city there.

But, one does not always get what one expects from life – even though it may deal with technology 2020.

This is an interesting Tweet that was made by Braxwolf:

“As a youngster, I wanted to be a whiz kid. In the 80’s, nothing seemed cooler than solving crimes using the latest amazing technology. This led to a career in IT, which in the year 2020 is basically emailing hyperlinks to people who don’t know how to use search.”

Then there’s this funny Tweet from The Jeff on new technology 2020 gadgets:

“I worked for a tech company that got way too big way too fast and so was still just saving people’s profile picture as “profile.jpg” which meant that half of my day was…

“I changed my profile picture and it hasn’t updated.”

“Press ctrl-f5”

“oh, there it is, thanks.””

And this Tweet from Artemis Holmes:

 “I can’t add this Facebook page to my bookmarks fix the Facebook page”

“I’m embedding the video in a powerpoint then screensharing the powerpoint because it’s more reliable than each person watching the video on youtube””

Noctavia Tweets:

“Did you try turning it off and back on?”

Braxwolf Tweets on future software technology 2020:

“We got our Covid re-entry timeline today in our work email from the AVP. It was attached as a single PowerPoint slide… I fear rebooting my career as it may not turn back on at this stage!”

“But hey… we can still amaze people with geektyper. Almost all non IT people stare at you in disbelief after you pranked them with it. They think you are sone demigod after that. It boosts your morale too” – Varuken Tweets on the funny side of technology 2020.

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