The Impact Artificial Intelligence Is Having On Technology Today

The Impact Artificial Intelligence Is Having On Technology Today

The impact Artificial Intelligence is having on technology today.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is now being used for all kinds of things today and in fact, it has now become a necessary part of technology today.

Google is now using AI, to help people search online, using their voice. This is by far one of the top 100 inventions of the 21st century!

In fact, Google is doing a lot with regards to AI and creating a tremendous impact on technology today. In the year 2016, Global Fishing Watch was launched by Google. Global Fishing Watch is used to tackle illegal fishing. The tool provides users with a worldwide view on commercial fishing activities and this information is based on satellite data, as well as ship movements. Global Fishing Watch can be used by

governments, as well as by other organizations and by doing so, they would be able to identify suspicious behavior.

In the not so distant future, the world will be witness to autonomous cars. These are cars with no driver. These cars will take us from one place to another. Who knows, they may even be able to transport us from one country to another, and this will all be as a result of AI. This is perhaps one of the best new inventions in electronics.

Soon, we may see robots that are powered by AI, doing all kinds of tasks that human beings would normally do. They would do things like stacking and assembly today. But tomorrow, who knows, they might even be able to serve coffee and make dinner. And after that, fly planes and go to Mars? This is by far one of the most awaited technology inventions of the future.

Very soon, we may see an AI assistant that would be capable of making ‘human like’ calls. And of course, this would be released by none other than Google.

Do you know how those big online shopping stores, serve up products that we would like to purchase? They have AI systems that monitor our browsing habits and do this.

Even the Smartphones we use, now have systems that are powered by AI.

AI is no longer something that was just part of sci-fi or movies. It has now become a reality!

But will AI also end up with us living in a world ruled by killer robots – like we saw in Terminator movie series?

Just what kind of impact will Artificial Intelligence have on technology today, perhaps the answer lies in the future.

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