The Latest Technology In Use In 2020

The Latest Technology In Use In 2020

The latest technology in use in 2020.

Just what is happening in new inventions in electronics? Ever wondered? Take a look…

Heard of I – Apps?

These are Intelligent Apps and they are actually pieces of software that are written for mobile devices and these have their base on machine learning technology – and of course AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The purpose of I – Apps is to make daily life easier for humans. 

All part of the latest technology in use in 2020.

I – Apps can do various kinds of tasks such as logging interactions, scheduling meetings, organizing emails, prioritizing emails, content, etc.

A couple of examples of I – Apps are virtual assistants and Chatbots.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has been in existence, even before the birth of the internet.

Today, you can see AI at work everywhere around you.

In your bank, in your home banking, in your home, in your cars, in your Smartphones and so many many other places.

In fact, in the world that we now live in, most of us just cannot live without AI.

5G Technology

Since more than the past 10 years or so, 5G has created quite a stir.

There are a number of experts in various industries who have gone so far as to claim that 5G will be the future of communications.

The best feature of 5G is going to be the speed at which it can clock at 20 GB/s.

Blockchain Technology

This is the technology that is responsible for Bitcoin. Bitcoins are the new currency of the world. 

But, it also must be noted here that as a technology, the potential of blockchain is almost endless and it could cover a lot of things like law enforcement, elections, real estate and so much more.

Truth be told, technology inventions are evolving at a much faster pace today.

And the bitter truth is that people and companies who are not able to keep up with the fast moving pace of technology, are sure to find themselves left behind.

Now isn’t the latest technology in use in 2020 really amazing?

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