The Much Awaited US Presidential Election

The Much Awaited US Presidential Election

The much awaited US presidential election!

The US presidential election will be held on November 3, 2020, Tuesday. It will be for the Americans to vote for the 538 voters who will in turn choose the future tenant of the White House: the Republican Donald Trump, outgoing president aged 74 or the Democrat Joe Biden, former vice president of the States – united under Barack Obama, 77 years old.

The campaign is in full swing for the US presidential election and their running mates, the current Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence and Democrat Kamala Harris. Advance voting started in four states in September, as did postal voting. This year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it could affect 80% of the population. A situation likely to delay the announcement of the results and which feeds the suspicions of fraud stirred up by Donald Trump himself.

As of October 10, the outgoing president had 42.1% of voting intentions, against 51.9% for Joe Biden, nearly ten points behind his competitor, according to an average calculated.

Voters who have not yet made their choice, were not enlightened by the first televised duel broadcast on September 29. The two tribunes stormed with invectives during what could be termed as the “worst debate in history”.

As the country is going through an unprecedented health and economic crisis and experiencing new racial tensions, the Americans are hoping for a better level of exchange for the next meetings of the US presidential election. After the infection of Donald Trump with Coronavirus, the debate of October 15 was canceled, but the American president still resumed his round of meetings.

More than 150 million American citizens are due to nominate their president on November 3, for the next four years. Once in 4 years, the US presidential election takes place, on the Tuesday following the first Monday in the month of November. This falls on the 3rd of the month this year. When the day comes, American citizens of voting age move to their respective polling stations.

Election Day is a working day like any other for many Americans. In a handful of states, it’s a statutory holiday. Elsewhere, employees are sometimes allowed to be absent from the office for several hours to vote. If unable to attend, postal voting is possible. The conditions differ from state to state. With a few exceptions, these rules for voting at the US presidential election have been relaxed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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