The Technological Impact On Retail

The Technological Impact On Retail

The technological impact on retail.

Until the beginning of 2020, no one doubted the technological impact on retail. But things accelerated during the COVID 19 pandemic, which boosted the use of digital platforms. An example of this is the result of online purchases, which have doubled in many countries.

We see China preparing to make AI, Artificial Intelligence, its main engine by 2025. Hence, many expect even more news in the retail industry. The ingenuity aims to capture the buyer’s attention, offering mobile applications to pay without queuing or tools such as a type of mirror that shows, in real time, matching garments, the location of the items and the option of entering a shopping cart virtual, avoiding taking the products to the checkout.

It is virtual reality that today begins to be part of the technology offered by retail and that is one more brick of this digital gear: buying any electronic device, even using several simultaneously and achieving a fluid and successful experience. That all the channels work perfectly, that is, that the client chooses and pays remotely, tracks the product and receives it in the scheduled time, is the challenge of technology companies.

Almost without realizing it, in a natural way, we began to live omnichannel. We go to the multi-store and we have the opportunity to review, on a tablet, other options other than those on display.

And if we cannot leave the house, due to the Covid 19 quarantine, we resort to a mobile application that projects an image and shows how a pair of pants fits us, for example; or what an armchair would look like in the living room of our house.

That then is the technological impact on retail.

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