The World Today Because Of Coronavirus

The World Today Because Of Coronavirus

The world today because of Coronavirus!

In December 2019, the killer Coronavirus pandemic broke out in Wuhan, China and spread to every part of the world.

At the time of writing this, around 375,000 people are dead and about 6.3 million people are infected, because of the Novel Coronavirus.

Many countries have declared a lockdown and in some paces in the world, people are not even allowed to leave their homes.

Wuhan, the place where the killer virus originated, is no longer in lockdown.

Many people all over the world, have now grown used to the fact that part of their everyday clothing, includes face masks and gloves.

People are afraid to touch each other.

The New Coronavirus has affected the way people work. There are many people all over the globe, who are now working from home.

Global economies have been devastated because of the killer virus.

There are some industries which have come to a total standstill.

Online services have received a major boost.

More and more people have taken to watching TV.

People are no longer shaking hands.

People are afraid to cough or sneeze.

In most places in the world, public gatherings have been banned.

Stock markets have plummeted.

This then is the world today because of Coronavirus!

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