TikTok Strengthens Control Measures For Young Users

TikTok Strengthens Control Measures For Young Users

TikTok strengthens control measures for young users.

TikTok has announced sweeping changes to the way underage accounts will be managed, to protect them from potentially inappropriate interactions with strangers.

Switching to private mode by default is not the only change affecting this age group. From now on, the “Duo” and “Collage” functions will only be available for users aged 16 and over. For users between 16 and 17 years old, the features will by default be configured only for friends.

The “Recommend your account to others” option will also be disabled by default for users in this age group.

TikTok has announced a series of measures to strengthen the confidentiality of the accounts of its young users, in order to better protect their privacy.

With a private account, only subscribers accepted by the user can see and interact with the content created by the account holder on the video sharing platform. Additionally, users aged 13-15 can now choose between allowing only their friends to comment on their videos – or not allowing anyone to comment.

Among the important changes implemented by TikTok. The platform now only allows downloading of videos that were created by users 16 years and older. For creators aged 16 to 17, the download option will be disabled by default, but they can choose to allow it.

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