Twitter Buys Ueno Design Company

Twitter Buys Ueno Design Company

Twitter buys Ueno design company.

Ueno design company is a company in charge of design and has worked with large technology companies such as Google’s Alphabet, Facebook Inc and Uber Technologies, which makes it one of the most interesting companies in the field that Twitter has acquired.

Although Ueno design company is modest in addition to adding 50 employees to Twitter, it will continue to have its headquarters in four cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. The company creates brands, products, experiences and designs all kinds of things.

Twitter continues to bet on a 2021 with improvements and the proof is that it continues to acquire smaller companies that help it improve its application. To the recent purchase of Breaker, the podcast platform, is added the acquisition of Ueno design company, a company dedicated to design.

With the acquisition of Ueno design company, Twitter will add nearly 50 company employees to improve the quality of its social media service and accelerate the launch of new products, but it has not said what part of its service it hopes to improve with the purchase of the company.

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