UBER To Make Comeback?

UBER To Make Comeback?

UBER to make comeback?

California-based American international transportation network company UBER, provides services with a mobile application. In 2009, UBER was started by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick and it once operated in 300 cities and 58 countries.

UBER, an American-based international transportation network company, started to serve a while ago. In a very short time, UBER, which became a vehicle used by passengers a lot, was banned after being prosecuted for allegations that taxi drivers were partners in their business.

UBER, which was announced to be put into service again, started to be investigated by users. The transportation company UBER, which has been serving for a while, became the agenda with the news that it will return again. While this news angered the taxi drivers, it made many passengers smile. It was also a matter of curiosity, as to whom UBER belongs to, by users.

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