Uighur Muslims Face ‘Hitler Style Concentration Camps’ In China

Uighur Muslims Face ‘Hitler Style Concentration Camps’ In China

Uighur Muslims Face ‘Hitler Style Concentration Camps’ In China

Iana Tweets:

“This includes eating pork, women being forced to take off their hijabs, women and children being sexually abused, women being forced to shave their hair, and acts including being skinned alive, burned, beaten, killed, and now forced labor systems.”

The crap that is being done by China, is never going to stop – so it would appear.

Uighur Muslims, in the Xinjiang Province of China, are being herded into ‘Hitler Style Concentration Camps’. Here, the Chinese government is subjecting these Uighur Muslims to all kinds of human rights violations, including the likes of sexual assault, brainwashing, forced sterilization and torture.

Jimmy Johnson Tweets:

“China has been getting away with so much and nobody is doing anything about it. Where is the nonviolent protest? Where is the outrage? Does anyone care that China will soon control the world?”

In these ‘Hitler Style Concentration Camps’, Uighur Muslims are being forced to renounce and criticize the Muslim religion – and they are also being forced to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Munachi Iwuoha Tweets:

“China on the news again. Just the way they have been killing Christians and no one is talking.”

Nathan Attrill Tweets:

“Infections in Xinjiang grow daily, with concerns that any cases inside Uighur internment camps may never be made public.”

Though China is now herding Uighur Muslims into ‘Hitler Style Concentration Camps’, the global community appears to be silent about all of this.

Penelope Tweets:

“Not unlike Mao’s cultural revolution, on a smaller scale. Seems that countries intervene only when they are able to reap financial rewards or insure their own self-survival.”

It is reported that:

China now has over 1 million Uighur Muslims in ‘Hitler Style Concentration Camps’.

We are now witnessing another major human disaster being orchestrated by China.

Why is the world silent?

Wake up world!

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