Unbelievable Are The Crimes Being Committed In Portland, USA!

Unbelievable Are The Crimes Being Committed In Portland, USA!

Unbelievable are the crimes being committed in Portland, USA!

Here are some of the shocking things that are taking place in Portland, USA – and the things people are saying about what is happening there…


“Now that Antifa is openly burning the Bible in Portland, I feel compelled to remind everyone who they truly are”


“God will not be mocked. Not sure when but things like this will be avenged. In the mean time we need to focus on doing what is right.”


“I thought they were terrorists? Why are federal authorities letting them run free?”


“26 y.o. Portlander has lingering brain injury after federal agents shot him in the head with an impact munition, fracturing his skull, all for the crime of holding up a boom box.”


“One can’t lawfully protest after curfew.  So, a person carrying something in the street, at night after curfew was struck in the head w a teargas canister whilst approaching officers during the covid pandemic and widespread violent rioting.  Wow, shocking.”


“the fact that these feds are trained to use weapons, and know how to aim, and they’re shooting people in the fucking face just shows that they are not there to protect anyone”


This is fucking vile!! Those federal cops just shot to kill a civilan who was posing absolutely zero threat to them. He has a broken skull and is fighting to recover. There will most likely be no repercussion for the shooter. Don’t get normal or numb to this. This isn’t right!”


“About time!! Get off the streets. This is no longer a protest these people are rioters.”


“ACLU sues Portland Police: Stop filming, broadcasting riots. Apparently documenting crimes is bad.”


“Yes.  More police on the ground keeps criminals from being emboldened to commit crimes in broad daylight… except for the whiny middle class whites in Portland who can’t figure out why they are being arrested. Lol”


“DHS is spraying protestors in Portland exercising their 1st amendment rights with pesticides. This is a war crime.”


“”… At what point do we label someone extremist? When they throw bombs? When they attack people? When people die? It doesn’t matter how many fluffy justifications you give for those actions, they’re extreme regardless and they ought to own up to it.”

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