US Leads In Artificial Intelligence, China Growing!

US Leads In Artificial Intelligence, China Growing!

US leads in artificial intelligence, China growing!

Pollsters found that the United States leads in key areas such as investing in startups and funding for research and development.

In artificial intelligence, the United States leads with a total of 44.6 points on a scale of 100, followed by China with 32 and the European Union (EU) with 23.3, the report estimated, based on data from 2020.

But China has made significant progress in several areas and last year had more supercomputers than any other country, a total of 214 of the 500 that exist in the world. The United States had 113 and the EU 91.

China released 24,929 documents on artificial intelligence in 2018, the latest year for which information is available. The European Union 20,418 and the United States 16,233.

The study carried out by the Foundation on Information Technology and Innovation, measured the levels of development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), using 30 different parameters, such as human talent, research activities, commercial development and investment in equipment and programming.

The United States leads in the development and use of artificial intelligence, as China grows rapidly and Europe lags, a survey revealed.

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