US President Donald Trump To Face Imprisonment?

US President Donald Trump To Face Imprisonment?

US President Donald Trump to face imprisonment?

Donald Trump prepares to leave office. He does not recognize defeat in the elections, but even his supporters, including Attorney General William Barr, did not find evidence of massive vote rigging. Observers expect that before leaving, the president, who faced impeachment a year ago and now faces criminal prosecution, will pardon several of his associates.

Indeed, following the ritual pardon of a turkey before Thanksgiving, the president also pardoned former national security adviser Michael Flynn. He found himself at the epicenter of the scandal about the alleged collusion between the Trump team and the Kremlin, ahead of the 2016 elections.

At the end of his presidential term, Barack Obama was going to finish what he had begun by imposing sanctions on Russia. Flynn then allegedly contacted the ambassador to Washington, Sergei Kislyak and asked the Russian leadership not to react too harshly, saying that the conversation with the new leader would be different.

The adviser first pleaded guilty and then refused to testify – he said that he gave in under pressure. The Justice Department asked to dismiss Flynn’s case back in May, but to no avail. Now the judges must satisfy the wishes of the department.

The decision of US President Donald Trump was criticized by the congressmen and journalists began to speculate about who was next. Presidential pardon, however, does not yet imply immunity. However, the so-called preventive pardon can save one from upcoming charges under certain articles.

The news from the District of Columbia federal court arrived very well. The Justice Department is investigating data on a fraudulent scheme – the White House allegedly received money from persons who expected an amnesty from US President Donald Trump.

No names are given in the report, the text is smeared in some places. It is known that the investigation of the “secret lobbying scheme”, has been going on since August, but officials have not yet appeared in it. US President Donald Trump called the assumptions of forgiveness in exchange for money, fake.

Sources close to the administration say some of Trump’s associates would like to defend themselves against pending charges. For example, the personal lawyer of the President, Rudolph Giuliani.

The New York Federal Attorney’s Office has already taken up the lawyer’s business, his finances and relations with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, who supplied scandalous details about the affairs of the Biden family in Ukraine. Due to the pandemic, the inquiry was suspended. However, if it is started again and in earnest, Giuliani’s preventive pardon will come in handy. He himself denies that he asked US President Donald Trump for such a service.

With his advisers, Trump allegedly discussed the possibility of early amnesty for his three older children – Donald, Eric and Ivanka, as well as her husband Jared Kushner.

The outgoing president himself was under threat of persecution. Throughout his term, US President Donald Trump was credited with all sorts of sins – extortion, tax evasion and political blackmail (attempts to exchange military aid to Ukraine for reopening the case against Joe Biden’s son).

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