US President Joe Biden Acts To Contain Covid 19 Pandemic

US President Joe Biden Acts To Contain Covid 19 Pandemic

US President Joe Biden acts to contain Covid 19 pandemic.

One day after taking office, US President Joe Biden will sign 10 executive orders to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, reversing Donald Trump’s criticized conduct.

The new strategy goes against the approach of former President Donald Trump, who opted for a decentralized and often anti-science response, leaving matters related to restrictions, vaccines and testing at the mercy of the states.

US President Joe Biden called the Republican’s conduct a “dark failure”.

The newly installed government announced that it will launch, on Thursday, a national strategy of 21 pages, that foresees the centralization of the national response to the crisis and the mandatory use of masks in various means of transport.

US President Joe Biden promised to stabilize the production chain for critical medical supplies and a fast and equal vaccination campaign, according to a briefing that his team gave the press on Wednesday.

The strategy coincides with a milestone that demonstrates the extent of the disease in America. On Wednesday, the number of deaths caused by the New Coronavirus in the United States, exceeded the number of Americans killed in World War II.

As of Wednesday night, the United States had accounted for over 400,000 deaths from Covid 19, more than any other country on the planet. As of Wednesday morning, there were more than 406,000 dead in America. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 405,399 Americans lost their lives in the most lethal conflict of the past century.

And so, US President Joe Biden acts to contain the Covid 19 pandemic.

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