US Presidential Election Change Proposals In Progress?

US Presidential Election Change Proposals In Progress?

US Presidential election change proposals in progress?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s camp are eager for the final campaign. Currently, the two candidates are doing everything they can to win the presidential election by securing more ‘Electoral Colleges’.

Plans have been proposed hundreds of times to improve the US presidential electoral system. The options proposed for the US Presidential election change, can be divided into categories that usually seek to revise the electoral system or replace it with a general voting method altogether.

The measures proposed in the past to fix the presidential electoral system can be classified into three categories:

First, the candidate who won the regional general vote takes over the electoral group assigned to the region. It was actually adopted by 48 states and the capital, Washington, DC.

Second, as a method adopted by the states of Maine and Nebraska, the candidate with the most votes in the general election wins two electoral votes and the candidate who wins each constituency in the House of Representatives takes one electoral team.

Other proposals have also been made to distribute the electoral corps assigned to each region in proportion to the number of votes each candidate wins.

Between the late 1940s and 1979, the US Congress debated several electoral reform options as part of the US Presidential election change.

Constitutional amendments to fix or eliminate the electoral system were discussed 17 times in the Senate and House Judiciary Committee hearings during this period, five times in the entire plenary session of the Senate and two times in the House plenary session.

During this time, Congress also assigned a presidential electoral group to Washington, DC through the 23rd Amendment.

Since then, there has been no special movement within the federal parliament regarding the US Presidential election change. Then, right after the 2016 presidential election, at the end of the 114th Congress, four proposals were proposed to replace the electoral system with a general voting, but neither was adopted.

The movement attempts to introduce a general voting method for the president and vice president. However, they are trying to make this happen through an agreement between the state governments, rather than a constitutional amendment.

The essence of this movement for the US Presidential election change, is to give the electoral corps of the states that signed the agreement to the candidates who won the national general vote. For this option to work, there must be at least 270 electoral votes assigned to the states joining the agreement. By April 2020, 14 states and the capital Washington, DC, have adopted legislation to join the agreement for the US Presidential election change, with a total of 187 electors.

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