US Top Cybersecurity Company Fireeye Hacked

US Top Cybersecurity Company Fireeye Hacked

US top cybersecurity company FireEye hacked.

US’s top security company FireEye was hacked and its stock price plummeted 8%.

Over the years, FireEye, the top US cybersecurity company, has been the first to send out reminders to government agencies and companies around the world, that the companies have been hacked or they need to worry that they will be attacked. What’s more embarrassing is that this security company has now also suffered a serious hacker attack and the news is out – cybersecurity company FireEye hacked!

FireEye revealed on Tuesday that in this incident, the evidence points to Russian intelligence agencies. The company said that hackers used novel technology to steal their toolkit ‘Red Team’, which may have prompted new attacks around the world.

In fact, FireEye said on Tuesday that it was in the FBI, after the stock market closed. This $3.5 billion company makes a living by identifying some of the world’s criminals for serious violations. Its clients include Sony and Equifax.

The stolen ‘Red Team’ toolkit, is essentially a digital tool that can replicate the most sophisticated hacker tools in the world. After obtaining permission from a client company or government agency, FireEye uses these tools to find vulnerabilities in the system.

Simply put, FireEye uses such tools to simulate network attacks and discover weaknesses in the customer’s system. Most of the tools are located in a digital library closely protected by FireEye.

This hacking is the largest known theft of cyber security tools, since the theft of the National Security Agency’s cyber security tools in 2016.

For hackers, the advantage of using stolen tools is to hide their traces when launching an attack.

It is worth mentioning that FireEye suffered an attack on the state and its stock price plummeted 8% in after-hours trading on Tuesday. The company is investigating the incident together with Microsoft and the FBI, and has taken measures to minimize losses.

The outcome is US top cybersecurity company FireEye hacked!

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