Villarrica Volcano Ready To Erupt?

Villarrica Volcano Ready To Erupt?

Villarrica Volcano ready to erupt?

Two moderate explosions in the crater of the Villarrica Volcano, associated with tremors , generated the expulsion of ash and incandescent material, which in one case resulted in a column that rose more than 800 meters above the massif, which remains on Yellow Alert .

The second ash emission was recorded at 6:29 p.m. this Friday, which was later accompanied by a long-term earthquake in the crater , the visibility of one of the monitoring cameras exceeding the column that allows observing up to 450 meters per over the crater.

Meanwhile, according to the information provided by the Volcanological Observatory of Los Andes del Sur (Ovdas), located in Temuco and dependent on the National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin), the first was registered at 1:50 p.m., which was also accompanied by a long-term earthquake, associated with an explosion inside the crater, which led to the expulsion of ash and pyroclastic material that fell several meters out of the chimney.

The above generated a gray column that rose approximately 800 meters above the crater and was recorded in photographs and videos by inhabitants of the area, who in a few minutes made them viral on social networks.

The regional director of the National Emergency Office (Onemi), Janet Medrano, specified that the situation that occurred is within what is expected in the behavior of Villarrica Volcano, which remains on Yellow Alert, for which she reiterated the call to those who ascend to the crater to maximize prevention and security measures in the area.

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