Wall Street Starts Week Low

Wall Street Starts Week Low

Wall Street starts week low.

The New York Stock Exchange started the week low, with the main indexes closing at a loss, taking a break after the records set for the week. Investors continued to pay attention to all the news about the pandemic and the chaos in Washington.

The heavier was the loss of the Nasdaq technology, of 1.25%, to 13,036.43 units, with the extended S & P500 devaluing 0.66%, to 3,799.61.

Numerous other US economic groups also responded to the riots in Washington on Wednesday and decided to suspend donations to politicians and stop funding for Republican congressmen who opposed the certification of the presidential elections or stop managing transactions on the campaign site.

Conglomerates Apple, Alphabet (Google’s ‘holding company’) and Amazon, dropped just over two percent. Amazon has cut access to its servers to the social network Parler, dominated by Trump supporters, while Apple and Google removed it from their download platforms.

The final results of the session indicate that the selective Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.29%, to 31,008.69 points.

These emblematic indices of the New York plaza had ended the week at unprecedented levels, with financial means ignoring the bad numbers about employment in the USA and the political violence in Washington, with the attack on the Capitol, before the validation by the Congress of the election of Joe Biden as the next president.

The bottom line – Wall Street starts week low.

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