What Does Thierry Baudet Think And Desire?

What Does Thierry Baudet Think And Desire?

What does Thierry Baudet think and desire?

After March 17 Thierry could have been leader of the second largest or even largest party in the Netherlands and thus perhaps even have a chance to win the premiership somewhere. Now the party is polling for 3 seats – that were 28 in April 2019.


A simple but special piece of wisdom from the Jungian angle:

If you don’t know what someone’s motives are, look at the results and infer the motives from them. What has been the result of Thierry’s career-long flirtation with ideas?

The result is an FvD cleared of any contradiction, which is likely to get very few seats. The desire for less internal contradiction is secretly common to everyone. The desire for few seats is significantly less.

For Thierry Baudet, the FvD is a movement that should bring about a paradigm shift, its own long counter-march through the institutions. And parliament is not the former arena for this, according to Thierry.

And who actually says that Thierry Baudet really wants to be a politician? At heart he is a novelist, a thinker who really wants to be able to say what he thinks and do what he says without consequences. The force field in which a politician operates does not lend itself to that, certainly not if you are as sensitive to ‘contrary’ ideas as Thierry.

That is why on the one hand there is the public Thierry Baudet of his summer manifesto, neatly within the conservative lines. And on the other hand the private Thierry Baudet, who has also got to know the public definitively in recent times.

Thierry’s statements, which he has consistently made on unspecified occasions for about ten years, do not lie.

Which brings us back to the burning question – What does Thierry Baudet think and desire?

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