What Is The Job Situation 2020 Globally?

What Is The Job Situation 2020 Globally?

What is the job situation 2020 globally?

According to surveys carried out by SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs), with regards to registered unemployment in June 2020, at the end of June 2020, there were 150,289 unemployed people who were registered with regional employment centers. As compared to the same month, in the previous year, unemployment rose by 53,067 people.

They say no one knows what the future holds and this holds true for 2020, when many people around the globe still do not believe in what happened and how life suddenly changed as the Coronavirus pandemic took over the world.

Jim Chalmers MP (Australia): For the first time in Australia’s history one million people are unemployed. We are in a jobs crisis. Australia needs a plan for jobs.

What is the job situation 2020 globally?

An unemployed teacher says: What are we going to do about all these teachers without jobs, without hope and without money to pay their bills.  I fear a mental health crisis in “supply” education. We want jobs no zero hour contracts.

In many parts of the planet, the work environment has become a nightmare, with people struggling to make ends meet, as many of them depend on their jobs. And some are new students from universities and colleges, hoping to get a job. But now because of lockdowns, especially those people who live on a daily basis by working and earning a daily income, are at greater risk.

Manfred (Italy): There is 1 big priority in the coronacrisis: it’s JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. We need to create the jobs for next generations, 40% of Italian youth are unemployed. That is unacceptable! At least a third of RecoveryFund must be invested in a Pact for European Jobs.

Shubham (India): Before Pandemic unemployment crisis in India is highest ever in the 45 years and during Covid-19 India lost millions of jobs from both organised and unorganised sectors.

Biljana (Serbia): Coronavirus crisis cost Serbia equivalent of 510,000 full-time jobs – acc to a recent report. What is the job situation 2020 globally? REAL BAD!!

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