What People Say About World Leaders On COVID-19

What People Say About World Leaders On COVID-19

What people say about world leaders on COVID-19!

World leaders are saying all kinds of things about the Coronavirus pandemic – and people are saying things about what the world leaders are saying!

DJ Vlad Tweets:

“Who else is waiting for all the world leaders to say “April Fools!, There’s really no such thing as Coronavirus!  We were just bullshitting”

PatriotsOfCanada Tweet:

“And would World Leaders say not enough, keep the Planes Flying,  Borders open and we will reach objectives perhaps by Christmas?” They Could have and Should have STOPPED this before it got rolling! They CHOSE not too!

Russell Drew Tweets:

Direct quote from Trump:

“So if, you know, we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better, just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work — some of them go to work but they get better.”

He also says coronavirus death rate is a hoax. Dangerous!

Benon M. Gowa Tweets:

“Pres. Magufuli chose the economy over public health and things are now getting out of control. But here’s my favourite coronavirus quote by Ghana’s President, “We know what to do to bring our economy back to life. What we don’t know is how to bring people back to life.”

But there are some world leaders who are not saying anything about the killer COVID-19 – and people have things to say about them too…

Ayesha Ijaz Khan Tweets:

“I think all world leaders have spoken about coronavirus except Imran Khan. He doesn’t know what to say because he can’t pin it on someone being a “chor, lutera”.

Sheryl Mendenhall Tweets:

“You won’t believe what Donald Trump just said about coronavirus testing ( he has nothing to say so he simply makes something up. Probably why other world leaders see him as a dangerous joke and find the American electorate a pathetic group of losers.)”

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