What Would Happen If Donald Trump Tested Positive For Novel Coronavirus?

What Would Happen If Donald Trump Tested Positive For Novel Coronavirus?

What would happen if Donald Trump tested positive for Novel Coronavirus?

Here’s what people have to say:


This, people, is the final coup attempt against Trump. He would only need to TEST positive, you see. Not get sick. Just test positive.  A virus with an IFR of <0.3 (Go check the CDC for latest), and they would use a test, not designed for diagnosis, to remove the president. Russiagate was completely BS. I don’t like Trump. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a continuous attempt to take him down for the last 3+years. Saying he now has COVID?  Come On! I don’t believe in coincidences.


If Trump gets the virus,

– Liberal Twitter roots for him to die, w/o consequences.

– blue checks claim he got it because he didn’t wear a mask, which is anti-science but hey

– Everyone’s grandmother dies, except in NY because Cuomo saves them.


You’ll never know. They’ve hidden his current medical conditions. The ONLY way you might know is if he ends up on a ventilator for weeks. Like Boris Johnson or Herman Cain.


Tomi Fauci needs to first prove there is a virus.


First explain why he was taken to Walter Reed on Nov. 17, 2019. Was he given a vaccine? Walter Reed, you may recall, is where JFK’s autopsy took place, under close watch of military generals and admirals.


If Trump is destroying our democracy, our republic, isn’t it time for a a rebellion.  We cannot sit back and wait for an election.


He’d get sick, need a ventilator and you could say hello to President Pelosi until Joe Biden got into the WH in Jan 2021.


It’s about time Trump got Covid or was removed from office . . If he didn’t have the crazy NRA on his side , he would have been assassinated by now and the USA might be sitting in a better spot .

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