Where Is That Elusive Novel Coronavirus Vaccine?

Where Is That Elusive Novel Coronavirus Vaccine?

Where is that elusive Novel Coronavirus vaccine?

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused around 10,700,000 cases and 520,000 deaths globally, but there is no cure in sight for the New Coronavirus. With each passing hour, more and more people are dying and getting infected, but there seems to be no treatment available anytime soon, in the form of a Novel Coronavirus vaccine.

There are many organizations in the race to come out with the first Novel Coronavirus vaccine. But so far, none has.

Sarah Gilbert, Professor of Vaccinology, University of Oxford says:

“We’re very happy that we’re seeing the right sort of immune response that will give protection, and not the wrong sort.”

8,000 volunteers were signed up for the University of OxfordPhase III trial of its vaccine, AZD1222, which has been licensed to AstraZeneca.

China is emerging as a leader in the hunt for making a New Coronavirus vaccine.  There are now 8 organizations in China, trying to develop the first ever vaccine to help eradicate the killer virus. The Academy of Military Science (AMS), has come out with a new drug. The new drug by AMS, is known as ARCoV and it incorporates mRNA technology. AMS has affiliation with the People’s Liberation Army and China’s National Medical Products Administration, gave AMS the approval to go ahead with human trials.

Qin Chengfeng, a researcher responsible for the mRNA project states:

“The core raw materials and equipment are all domestically produced, and rapid production capacity ramp-up is achievable.”

Bill Gates says about a COVID-19 vaccine:

“We’re doing the right things to get a vaccine as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I urge you to continue following the guidelines set by your local authorities.”

To date, there is no drug that has got the approval for the treatment of COVID-19. Indeed, the hunt for the elusive Novel Coronavirus vaccine goes on!

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