Why Are The Chinese Burning Stuff At Their Houston Consulate?

Why Are The Chinese Burning Stuff At Their Houston Consulate?

Why are the Chinese burning stuff at their Houston consulate?

Golden State Quarriors Tweets:

“Chinese spies are burning bins of paper in an outdoor courtyard, on camera, on American soil.. I feel like this isn’t the whole story”

Kevin2020 Tweets:

“Your president abruptly order Chinese consulate to get out. And so it’s pretty obvious there’re papers and files need to be burnt.”

ESG Tweets:

“Burning documents is standard procedure everywhere. U think US embassy in China would just leave everything there if they have to leave in short notice?”

Dabjian Tweets:

“If you are forced to leave US where you’ve been working for 20 years in within 3 days.youll choose burn those documents as well. It’s the safest and fastest way!”

FauxReal Tweets:

“Hmmmmm. Does this seems eerily similar to what happened in 2017 with the Russian consulate in San Francisco. Why????”

Amanda Turner Tweets:

“It’s normal for embassies/consulates to destroy documents when forced to close. This is not abnormal. They have huge piles of photocopies of people’s passports and other personal data that cannot be just tossed in the trash.”

Rick Consens Tweets:

“US embassy probably would just burn the building instead. Too much stuff to hide.”

Red in the head Tweets:

“It’s embassy grounds, so legally it’s China, they can do whatever the F%^@ they want.”

Dany Tweets:

”Actually, embassy grounds are considered sovereign to that nation. Not the country they sit in. This is actually bullshit.”

Robert Tweets:

“China likely used the consulate for typical consulate duties. They also likely conducted illegal espionage of American intelligence/technology, hence the burning of evidence. Could be another Trump smokescreen, but US has been letting China off the hook for way too long”

deano Beano Tweets:

“Us did it in Vietnam”

Probably, these answers should suffice to answer why the Chinese are burning stuff at their consulate in Houston. Well, probably, but who can say for sure?!!

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