You Were Told Lies About HCQ!

You Were Told Lies About HCQ!

You were told lies about HCQ!

Yes, there is every possibility that you were one of those people who was lied to, about the use of HCQ!

And sadly, because of the lie, maybe someone you love – died!

So, why was the lie spread about HCQ?

X22 Report Tweets:

1. Trump mentions HCQ in March

2. MSM/Social Media Platforms censor and tell you it will kill you

3. HCQ is approved and distributed to anyone who wants to take it

4. Death rate and cases drop dramatically

5. Why were people lives destroyed

Yes, why why why??

This is the big question people are now asking all over the globe!

Brian Dexter Tweets:

“Bold faced lie. The “science” had to be revoked for fraudulent data and dosing was done at toxic levels. HCQ works and I know a guy who was treated with it and made full recovery in 3 days before it was banned. $3400 tx has to be better than $50 tx. Only “science” u care about.”

SCiuffi Tweets:

“Why nobody say who are the true responsible? Fauci went to an italian TV show yesterday evening, saying in the us people are irresponsible so covid is spreading. Why nobody stop these ppl?”

Around 664,500 people have died – (KILLED??) and over 17 million are infected because of the killer Coronavirus pandemic.

If HCQ had been given, could these lives have not been saved?

געציל Tweets:

“Those promoting that HCQ does NOT work are DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of millions! Their blood will never be silenced & will demand justice … History will have to find out how supposedly “normal people” believed a malicious lie only because they hated a man named Trump”

Why was the big lie told about HCQ?

Time will tell!

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